Thursday, April 14, 2011

To the center of the earth

We decided to turn another section of our lawn into a kitchen garden this spring. It's a small patch of grass between the driveway, the deck, the house and a sidewalk - we never play in it and it's just a section Jeff has to mow. Plus, it's right by the rain barrel, making it very convenient to water.

The one speed bump was this metal pole sticking and inch or so out of the ground. My dad has tried to dig it out once before - he got a foot or so down, discovered that there was a ball of cement and the project was more than he had bargained for with the hour or so he had to work with. The hole was filled in, the sod laid back down for another time.

But, in order to till under the area and plant things, we really needed to get it out. And what better activity for two little boys to help with than digging a massive hole and trying to get a concrete beast to move. Jeff started with the boys on a Monday afternoon and dug down around the cement ball.

Over the next few days we worked on it here and there, discovering that under the concrete ball was a large metal tub filled with concrete. We have no idea what this pole was originally for, but whatever it was, it was the definition of overkill - unless the pole previously supported another story on our house, according to a friend who knows about these things. Yeah, not likely.

Finally, at the end of the week the thing was out of the ground. The boys are thrilled to have a huge dirt hole and dirt pile to play in. They'll probably be disappointed when we actually finish the project and have a garden there that they can't play in.

Here's a picture of Eli next to the monster that came out of the hole:

And one of the boys in the hole. The angle's a little deceiving - it's actually about chest deep for Asher.

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