Monday, February 22, 2010

Boys and Friends.

Our boys are starting to play with each other more and more. Most of the time, it's a good thing. So we've been learning together what it means to share toys and play games that Asher can play, too. One of our favorites right now is to play tag - Asher plays along by laughing joyfully while mom or dad carry him running through the house after Eli - or Eli after us.

We've also had lots of fun playing with friends this past month. At the beginning of the month some friends from seminary came over for a play date. Four moms, seven boys all under the age of four, plus to more babies on the way (one of which we know is also a boy). And this morning we got to play with our good friends Isaac and Cannan. They are each three months older than our boys. (From left to right - Jen with Max and Grahm, Me with Eli and Asher, Heather with Josiah and baby on the way, Rebecca with Simon and Jonah and baby boy on the way).

That's a lot of boys!

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