Friday, December 4, 2009

Asher's growing

Asher seems to change daily right now, learning new tricks and reaching new milestones. He really wants to get around, but is a little hesitant to let go and actually walk. Last weekend he sort-of-almost took a step. Well, maybe it was more like a lung - I guess if you give him the right incentive he's off.

Last night Asher and Eli both had their first experience with a Sushi bar. We celebrated Grandma's __'th birthday at Shogun off of 28th street. It was quiet an experience and the boys really wanted to play and the cool little table room we were in.

And this morning, Asher popped his first tooth! We could see it yesterday, but today there's a little sharp point sticking through his gum. Happy first tooth, Asher!

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