Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting so big.

Eli made a very big big-boy decision today. He threw away his "Piers" (aka - pacifiers) and traded them in for a Rescue Squad Mater. He gave them both one last suck and then spit them in the garbage can, proclaiming that the garbage man would come and take them away.
(edit - at bed time, our poor Big Boy cried for 45 minutes and assured me that, yes, we could get it back RIGHT NOW - we could just drive to the dump and get it. I realized in a new way tonight that, no matter why their heart breaks, no matter how small an issue it is in the whole scheme of things, our hearts will break along with theirs. Eli may be justified in crying over the end of his Piers because he's three. We are justified in crying with him because we are Momma and Papa and that's what we do.)

This weekend, he helped Grandpa Pete make cookies, and put up new wall boards in their bathroom.

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