Monday, December 10, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa's "new" (old) home

Grandma and Grandpa are back! Well, at least they're back in their house when they come to visit. Eight years ago my parents moved out of the house I knew as home in Mattawan (outside of Kalamazoo) and into a brand new home in Pennsylvania. Karla moved into the house in Mattawan which she has rented for the past eight years. Until last month when she moved back out and my parents moved a few things back in. They're still in Pennsylvania, but now they can stay in their home when they come back to Michigan and their home is available for Eli (and Eli's mom and dad) to rest and relax.
Eli and Jeff spent some time helping clean the house and move in some basic things like dishes and a bed and a few chairs . . . I think he likes all the open space of a house that's minimally furnished. I think I really like a place where Eli can run in the woods, play in the lake (come next summer) and experience a nighttime with no streetlight and the deafening sound of crickets and tree frogs.

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